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December is Cookie Month

Ethan and Steven grew up knowing that December is cookie month. I always start baking immediately after Thanksgiving and bake until I think I am done. And then I bake a little more. Each Christmas season I bake our favorites, drop some off the list and add a few new ones. As I plan my baking I check in with the men in my life to see what they loved or didn't love last year and I go from there. Though there is always an almond paste cookie for Brad, the macadamia, white chocolate and cranberry cookie for Ethan and something peanutty for Steven. As well as the non-negotiable Jam Thumbprint and Cucidati, Italian Fig Cookie. This year there has been a request for more chewy cookies instead of crispy ones. I'm not sure how I interpreted that but I am sure I will find out. Since the boys started college I have quickened the pace a bit so I am able to send them Christmas cookies at school while they're studying for finals. Each season I pick a few family and friends and send them a surprise cookie package in the mail. Who wouldn't want to get a box filled with so many treats?

These pictures are from my cookie baking over the last few days. I'll be sharing some of the recipes with everyone. Come back and check in daily to see what I have baking. As for my December cooking baking...I think I'm done. Or maybe I'll bake a little more.

I wish everyone the Merriest of Holiday Seasons!



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