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Happy Father's Day

It's no surprise that we celebrate Father's Day at the beach. My husband, Brad, wouldn't have it any other way. When we met so many years ago he introduced me to a world of boating, fishing, clamming, and really just about anything having to do with the water. Of course, our sons have grown up following in their Dad's footsteps. Today Ethan and Steven will take over the grilling and my hubby will enjoy being spoiled for the day. Somehow I always seem to share some of the perks of this day as we watch our sons take over some chores while Brad takes it easy.

Though Father's Day for me isn't just about celebrating my husband but my Dad, too.

Here is a picture of my Dad. With his movie star good looks, smarts, and charisma he would fill a room. He was generous with life lessons and I soaked them in. He was also my biggest cheerleader, was a devoted Dad, thought Brad was charming and was totally enamored by Ethan and they were in return.❤️

So take time to thank all the Dad's in your life for all the times they mowed the lawn, fixed a leak, and helped us stand straight and tall.

Happy Father's Day!




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