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The Boys Are Back In Town

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Ethan and Steven

There is nothing better than having both sons home from school! Here is a throwback picture to Memorial Day weekend. With some unexpected twists and turns, they both made it home for the start of the summer season. For us, this means spending a lot of time at the beach, hanging out with friends and of course some good food!

Wanting to make something a little different and fun I decided to kick off this season with a Korean Barbecue. I knew they would love Kalbi (Korean grilled short ribs). Unlike the short ribs, we are accustomed to, these are cross-cut with the bone. The pieces end up longer and flatter. I found them at an Asian market, where I also purchased the rest of the ingredients for our meal.

Kalbi cooking

The boys took over grilling, Brad puttered around our beach garden, and I got all of the sides going... and there were a bunch!

Korean Barbecue Feast

While Ethan and Steven did a great job grilling, I made the white rice, spicy scallion salad, sesame spinach, daikon salad, bean sprouts, easy homemade kimchi, and lettuce for some wrapping.

Yup, having all four of us together for a great meal was the perfect way to start off the summer. xoxo


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