When I was a little girl, little did I know that my love for baking would become such an integral part of my life. My Hungarian mom and my Italian dad celebrated their cultures through food shared with me, my sister, family, and friends. It wasn't until I met my  future husband, Brad, nearly 30 years ago that I realized not all cultures spoke so loudly through food. Since then, Brad has become my devoted taste tester.  When I finished graduate school, I started a cookie business. My parents were thrilled. Eventually, I stopped baking commercially and got a job in corporate America. Though my two greatest customers are my sons, Ethan and Steven. There has never been a day when they didn't embrace trying something new. They are now both at college doing great things, and I'm enormously proud of both of them.  Although I miss making school lunches and cooking for a full house every day, I still keep myself busy cooking.  I continue to  learn, create and share in the kitchen. xo



A wife and mom who is also a food enthusiast.


    2018 Cranberry Walk