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A Beautiful Crudite

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

The beauty of a Crudite is that it can be assembled well in advance and will still be delicious when served. This is not the grocery store standard so many people are used to. Anything goes in this one. Be creative...go to the farmers market and see what's there and let the day's produce inspire you. Think about what colors will make your platter pop. And who say's the platter has to only have vegetables, fruits add some sweetness and variety.

Be creative and have fun.

Ingredients for a Beautiful Crudite:

An assortment of fresh colorful vegetables... some options are tomatoes, green beans, endive, carrots, jicama, snow peas, radishes, peppers, figs, asparagus and celery

Maybe add some dried fruit, nuts or olives - hummus or dip

Time Saving Tip: Prep all of the vegetables a day before serving. They can be stored in plastic baggies. Feel free to purchase the hummus or other dips or dressings to make this an assembly only dish.

If you purchase the hummus or dips do not serve them in the packages that they come in. Put them in a nice bowl, add a little olive oil to the hummus and sprinkle it with parsley or paprika. It looks so much more appealing this way.



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