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Egg Salad with Truffle Zest Sandwich

I have always loved egg salad. When I was little I especially loved it when made while the eggs were still warm. The warm eggs mixed with some mayonnaise was all I needed to make this perfect salad. My mom would spread the salad on Wonder Bread for my lunch. When I became a mom I started making this for my sons. When very little, Steven liked to help me make it. He would stir the eggs around and around declaring that it was extra stirring that made his version so good. And it was. I have decided to make a new version and added some truffle zest to the mix. This has taken the most perfect salad into modern times. It is still just as comforting as it was so many years ago but now elegant enough to be new again. Give it a is really hard to resist.

Ingredients for Egg Salad with Truffle Zest Sandwich:

serves 1

3 hard cooked eggs, coarsely chopped or thickly sliced Click HERE for The Best "Hard B oiled" Eggs recipe

3 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 tablespoon finely chopped celery

1/8 teaspoon truffle zest

Kosher salt

whole grain bread, lightly toasted

a few pieces baby spinach, optional

Time-Saving Tips: The salad can be made in advance and kept in the refrigerator.

I use Sabatino brand Truffle Zest. I bought it because I read that Oprah uses it! Click Here for more information and how to purchase it.

Let's make the egg salad.

Combine the eggs, mayonnaise, truffle zest, and celery. Season to taste with salt. Spread the egg salad on the slightly cooled toast and then the spinach, if using.

It's ready! This sandwich is so delicious. I would even eat it for breakfast. This is great for school lunches, work lunches or any time the mood strikes.



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