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Banana-Oat Frozen Treat

There are so many different types of milk at the market these days. I recently discovered oat milk; my husband's new favorite go-to milk. So I decided to incorporate it into a healthy frozen treat. With the help of my food processor, I whipped together frozen bananas, oat milk, vanilla, and peanut butter powder to get this yummy frozen snack. If you can't eat peanuts just leave out the powder. This is really yummy and comes together so quickly.

Ingredients for Banana-Oat Frozen Treat:

3-4 servings

4 bananas, sliced and frozen

2 tablespoons peanut butter powder

3/4 cup chocolate oat milk

2 teaspoons vanilla

topping suggestions: fresh bananas, chopped salted peanuts, mini-chocolate chips

Time-Saving Tip: The bananas must be frozen in advance. 4-6 hours should do it but I usually keep a stash in the freezer. I freeze them on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Let's see what we need.

Time to prepare the treat.

This is how I cut up the four bananas to freeze.

Place the frozen bananas in the food processor. Process so they break down. Add the peanut butter and process a little more. Combine the oat milk and vanilla. While the processor is on add the milk mixture. Process until smooth.

It's ready! Just spoon into glasses and add some toppings. It's a delicious and healthy snack. I think it could even pass for breakfast...just top with a little extra fruit.

Surprise your kids with this treat and I bet they'll love it.



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