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Grilled Kielbasa with Lime

Perfect to nibble with cocktails or with friends. Add some sides and make it a meal. Grilled slices of kielbasa splashed with lime juice is a delectable combination of flavors. The smoked, seasoned meat, garlic and herbs of the kielbasa is awakened with the tartness of the lime. Bring some to your next potluck and watch your dish disappear.

Ingredients for Grilled Kielbasa with Lime:

2 pounds of good kielbasa, diagonally sliced about 1/4 inch thick

2 limes, each quartered

1 jar of stone ground mustard with seeds

Time Saving Tip: Feel free to slice the kielbasa earlier in the day before grilling. It can be stored in the refrigerator.

Time to gather what we need.

Now we are ready to cook.

Grill the sliced kielbasa over medium high heat turning over once. When you see grill marks they are done. Don't these look great?

Arrange the kielbasa on a platter. Squeeze half or more of a lime over the grilled kielbasa. Garnish the platter with some lime for whoever might like a little more. Add some mustard to the platter and it's all ready.



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