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I was so happy to receive a box of goodies from my friends from OvaEasy. This small family-owned company has developed an innovative way of crystallizing eggs and egg protein and has packaged them for us. This means to you and me that this process keeps all of the fresh flavors and nutrients intact. No added chemicals, no fillers, no junk, just 100% real egg! Which is pretty awesome. These egg crystals come in great containers and different flavors like Sausage Seasoning, Mediterranean Frittata, and Sea Salt & Pepper. All you have to do is add water, microwave and a minute later, breakfast is ready. They're perfect for my son to grab in the morning before starting his classes or a quick snack after the gym.

This is such an easy and healthy way to start off the day!

OvaEasy also has Egg White Protein in Creme Brulee Flavor. It's awesome to add to smoothies or even pancakes!

To learn more about OvaEasy and to learn how to get their products visit them here.

Have a great day everyone!




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