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Pantry Appetizer

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

While I usually enjoy cooking and baking when we have company I don't always have the time. For days like this, I like to keep a stash of nuts, dried fruits, and dried sausages in the house so I can assemble a tasty appetizer platter. This is especially helpful during the busy holiday season when we can have a bunch of unexpected guests visiting. Really anything goes just use your imagination and have some fun.

Potential pantry items to keep on hand:

- tapenade (my favorite)

- roasted peppers

- olives

- stuffed grape leaves

- marinated artichokes

- cornichons

- nuts

- dried fruits

- breadsticks

- crackers

Things in your refrigerator:

- grapes

- apples

- pears

- cheese

- dried sausage

These are just some suggestions for you. If you see something tasty in your cabinet or refrigerator feel free to use it. All you need is a nice platter and you build from there.



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