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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is finally here! For the die-hard football fans hopefully, your team is getting ready to play and win. For the rest of us, it's about the commercials, the halftime show, getting together with friends, and the food! Whether we're home or at someone else's home we can be sure to find chicken wings, pigs in a blanket and maybe fajitas, chili, heroes, sushi, or who knows what else; the list is endless. Though I've come to realize that everyone has a must have for this day. Actually, more specifically my husband. For Brad, it's just not the Super Bowl unless there are Cheese Doodles. He will serve them to you or bring them to you but he will have them. One year we were heading to our friend's house and I'm pretty sure I made some wings as my contribution. I also picked up some baked cheese puffs to bring for Brad. In the car ride over he realized that it wasn't Cheese Doodles but an impostor. He was horrified and announced the travesty upon our arrival. Until this day we all still laugh about it and now Brad does his own snack shopping.

Have fun today, enjoy your friends, your favorite snacks, and I hope your team wins!




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